Inverness lies at the end of the Great Glen and is used as the gateway to the mighty Highlands. It's a small city, but thanks to its creative residents and long history, you'd be hard pushed to be bored. Amid its handsome Victorian centre, you can appreciate St Andrew's Cathedral, visit the stately Inverness Castle or dine at one of the city's top restaurants.

It's unthinkable for first-timers to skip a visit to the infamous nearby Loch Ness to try and catch a glimpse of the legendary monster that lives below its surface. Even if you don't spot Nessie, it's a fine spot for taking in the great Scottish outdoors.

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  • 9 Best Things to Do in Inverness

    The best things to do in Inverness range from exploring its majestic natural landscapes and quaint towns to discovering medieval ruins and prehistoric sites. Located in the Scottish Highlands, Inverness is the perfect place for nature lovers with its many hiking and cycling trails that run along the canals, lakes and forests. In the city centre, you can spot Victorian-era marketplaces,...


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  • 10 Best Restaurants in Inverness

    Restaurants in Inverness range from modern eateries with creative menus that highlight local ingredients to traditional bistros serving international cuisine. Since the city centre is so compact, you can find these restaurants within walking distance of the River Ness. Many of them boast beautiful views of the river and the famous castle. Whether you’re looking for an authentic Scottish meal or...


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  • 10 Best Places to Go Shopping in Inverness

    Inverness as the bustling cultural capital of the Scottish Highlands is a unique shopping destination where you can become lost in for days. The city offers an array of large shopping centres and local shops. There are markets aplenty where local farmers, artisans and merchants highlight their freshest produce and finest wares. If you’re looking for something distinctively Scottish, the city...


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