Winchester is an ancient city and former royal capital that travellers fascinated by history won’t want to miss out on, thanks to its cathedrals and old ruins. The Winchester Cathedral is a stunning example of what this city can offer, boasting a world-famous reputation as the longest Gothic cathedral in Europe. It dates back to the mid-7th century, though its current iteration is a Norman addition to the original that occurred in 1079, and several pieces have been rebuilt over the centuries since after collapses.

One of the most impressive structures of historic Winchester is Winchester Castle, though only the Great Hall remains standing today and serves as a museum. Travellers may also check out St Catherine’s Hill, which is a massive green hill that covers what was once an Iron Age fort. Keen-eyed travellers will be able to spot the earthworks that still stand out on the modern-day hill.

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    There are loads of great restaurants in Winchester, spread throughout the historic streets and buildings of this appealing city. Once the ancient capital of England, Winchester has become an affluent and aspirational destination offering a quaint vision of the England of old. In fact, the ornate cathedral, cobbled streets and timbered buildings of Winchester are said to have inspired John...


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