Kew Gardens is the largest botanical garden in the world. It measures over 121 hectares and houses a variety of attractions, including numerous botanical glasshouses, a library, monumental buildings, and museums. Kew Palace, Britain's smallest royal palace, is part of the complex.

A great way to experience the beauty of the gardens is by taking a stroll along the 200-metre-long treetop walkway that was built by British architect David Marks. He was also responsible for the design of the iconic London Eye observation wheel that's set in the heart of London. For a stress-free tour of Kew Gardens, you may sign up for the Kew Explorer service that takes you through the gardens via a road train. The train makes several stops and a commentary is provided in English by the driver-cum-tour guide.

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A brief history of Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens was originally established in 1759 as a 9-acre botanical garden by Princess Augusta, the mother of King George III. It wasn't until 1840 when the gardens were officially opened to the public. A variety of attractions were gradually built in Kew Gardens, such as a herbarium that houses over 7 million specimens.

In 2003, Kew Gardens was officially listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and continues to be one of London's favourite tourist destinations. The botanical garden has its own police force called the Kew Constabulary. Founded in 1847, the force is responsible for policing Kew Gardens and its surroundings.

What are the highlights of Kew Gardens?

While you're at Kew Gardens, you wouldn't want to miss visiting the iconic Great Pagoda that was built in 1762. For the adventurous, you can climb 253 steps to the top for a bird's eye view of Kew Gardens. A Japanese gateway called Chokushi-Mon sits just minutes away from the pagoda.

Kew Gardens hosts a variety of events that change with the season. From Christmas light shows in the evening to art exhibitions by the gallery, there's always something happening at Kew Gardens for everyone to enjoy.

The Children's Garden is great for families with children aged 2 to 12. Although a separate ticket isn't necessary, you may have to book your slot ahead to ensure entry. The play area equals approximately 40 tennis courts in size and features a 4-metre-tall canopy walk where the children can run, climb, and explore to their heart's content.

Good to know about Kew Gardens

Tickets purchased in advance are usually cheaper than those sold at the entrance of Kew Gardens. You can get discounted ticket rates for children aged 4 to 16, senior citizens, and disabled guests. Family packages are also available for families of 4.

As there are limited parking spots at Kew Gardens, visiting the attraction by public transport is encouraged. You can reach Kew Gardens by taking the London Underground and hop off at the Kew Gardens Station, just 4 minutes away from the Victoria Gate entrance. Bicycles, scooters, roller skates, and skateboards are not allowed into the garden vicinities.

Kew Gardens is great for picnics on sunny days, but you can also stop by any of its many onsite cafes and restaurants for a bite. Do note that prices may come off steep – if you're travelling on a budget, you may want to stop by the neighbouring Pret a Manger coffee shop or M&S Simply Food stores instead.

Kew Gardens in London

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