Clapham Common is an expansive urban park with ponds, grassy areas, historic homes, festivals and a Victorian bandstand for leisure and entertainment. Spanning 89 hectares, the park is a wonderful destination for enjoying outdoor sports and activities for all ages and interests.

The park is a popular destination for sports enthusiasts and adventurers to spend time outside, couples to take romantic strolls or families to have picnics or outdoor fun with the kids. The park is busy during the warm seasons, especially during events and festivals. Many travellers visit the park for sightseeing and historic tours.

Clapham Common in London - one of the highlights of 12 Best Free Things to Do in London (Read all about London here)

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Highlights of Clapham Common

Clapham Common is home to many sporting facilities, including a bowling green, football and rugby pitches, a running track, a skate park and an Australian football pitch. Anglers come to the park to fish in the ponds that are stocked with carp, bream and tench. Cock Pond, a paddling pond, is another highlight.

The Victorian bandstand in the centre of the park dates back to 1890 and stands as an example of European cast-iron bandstands. The bandstand is used for many lively music festivals, including Get Loaded in the Park, the South West Four Eurodance music festival and the Colourscape Music Festival.

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Good to know when visiting Clapham Common

You’ll have a lot to see and do in Clapham Common, so be sure to check the event schedule to make sure the sporting facilities or bandstand aren’t reserved for an event. If you’d like to attend an event, you can find information on the dates and times prior to your trip to plan your visit.

Clapham Common is close to many restaurants, bars and attractions for more fun after your visit. You’ll find the Tower of London and the British Museum nearby, as well as the Clapham South Deep Level Shelter, a museum of subterranean shelters used as protection for Londoners during World War II air raids.

Clapham Common in London

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