The Chinatown Gate is a grand entryway into London’s lively Chinatown district and a cultural landmark. Boasting a tile roof and red pillars that lead into a vibrant area of red lanterns, noodle shops and street signs with Chinese script, the Chinatown Gate is a must-visit landmark on your way to explore the cultural area.

Each year, roughly 17 million people pass through the Chinatown Gate to visit the cultural enclave and sample delicious Chinese foods. With attractions and dining for families and solo travellers alike, Chinatown is a popular destination for sightseeing and shopping.

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Highlights of the Chinatown Gate

London’s original Chinatown dates back to the start of the 20th century, but after the Blitz of World War II, many of the shops and restaurants moved to other locations. The current Chinatown, located off Shaftesbury Avenue, was established in the 1970s. The Chinatown Gate was completed in 2016 and stands as one of the largest Chinese gates in the country.

The Chinatown Gate marks the entry into Chinatown and its bustling restaurants and shops. The gate is designed with ornate features done in a traditional Qing Dynasty style that complements the stone lions, contemporary Chinese artwork and other traditional Chinese entrance points to the enclave.

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Good to know when visiting the Chinatown Gate

Along with seeing the gate itself, you can explore the wonders of Chinatown after stopping at the landmark. Chinatown features many buildings and streets with traditional dragons and lanterns, as well as street signs with English and Chinese writing.

Chinatown is also a haven for art lovers. You’ll find contemporary art sculptures, impressive religious sculptures and the iconic stone lions. Chinatown is especially interesting during events, such as Chinese New Year, which features parades with floats, lion dances and live performances. You’ll also see hundreds of red lanterns during the New Year celebrations that make for a spectacular sight.

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Chinatown Gate in London

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