BOXPARK Shoreditch is a pop-up mall constructed of refitted shipping containers beneath the elevated Shoreditch High Street Overground station. The contemporary mall is home to a variety of eateries, fashion stores, accessory boutiques and other eclectic shops.

In total, BOXPARK Shoreditch features 19 restaurants and 27 shops in 60 recycled shipping containers with 2 floors. You’ll find a vast array of dining and shopping options, from family-friendly eateries to high-end jewellery to gourmet international cuisine, as well as 4 bars situated on indoor/outdoor terraces. Each year, the bars host over 500 events.

Boxpark Shoreditch in London - one of the highlights of 12 Best Food Markets in London (Read all about London here)

ภาพโดย Fred Romero (CC BY 2.0) เวอร์ชั่นแก้ไข

Highlights of BOXPARK Shoreditch

BOXPARK Shoreditch is the place to go for unique gifts and souvenirs. The mall features labels like Wandering Minds and Evisu, Scandinavian fashion like Nordic Poetry and Swedish Hasbeens and jewellery boutiques like Astrid & Miyu. You’ll also find boutique home and garden stores like Decorum and quirky gifts at The Gift Box.

For dining, drinking and entertainment, BOXPARK Shoreditch offers a range of street food options from independent vendors with global cuisine, such as Rudie’s Jerk Shack, Black Bear Burger and Voodoo Ray’s. For nightlife, the BeatBox bar serves wine, spirits and craft beers and hosts live music.

ภาพโดย Fred Romero (CC BY 2.0) เวอร์ชั่นแก้ไข

Good to know when visiting BOXPARK Shoreditch

BOXPARK Shoreditch is conveniently located beneath the Shoreditch High Street Overground and can be reached using public transport. You can also order pickup and delivery from the park’s restaurants.

You’ll find a lot to see and do at and near BOXPARK Shoreditch. The park hosts a variety of events throughout the year, such as the NYE Disco Dinner, Quizmas Special, Laugh in the Box and more. Each bar offers weekly events and entertainment, such as virtual-reality experiences, shuffleboard, table tennis, table football and pool. Shoreditch has plenty of nightlife, cinemas and attractions as well.

Boxpark Shoreditch in London

ที่ตั้ง: 2-10 Bethnal Green Rd, Hackney, London E1 6GY, UK

เปิด: Daily from 11 am to 10 pm

โทร: +44 (0)2071 868800