Shirahama food and dining involves a great deal of seafood and plenty of local delicacies that thrill foodies from all over the world. At the Tore Tore Ichiba Market, you’ll find prepared foods, souvenirs, unique sauces and fresh seafood and produce, among other delights, including local sake. Local restaurants incorporate locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Casual Izakaya eateries offer tapas-style plates with drinks. Some popular options are Izakaya Uhachi and Izakaya Yacchan.

    Wakayama ramen is an iconic dish quite different from its western counterpart. Marumasa Ramen is a popular spot for this delectable, soulful noodle dish. A colourful coffee scene is also on display here, with quaint cafes on just about every street corner. Bush de Cofee and Kagerou Café are some of the more popular options.


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