Shizuoka is a prefecture and city on the Pacific coast of Honshu and is home to the famed Mt. Fuji, as well as ancient shrines, natural wonders, beaches and resorts. Mt. Fuji is the highest peak in Japan, rising 3,776 metres above the ground and lined with miles of hiking trails. In the foothills of this iconic volcano, you will find the Fujisan Hongu Sengen Shrine, an ancient spiritual site. You can also catch sight of two majestic waterfalls: Shiraito and Otodome. In the southern end of the city, visitors will enjoy soft sand beaches like Shimoda beach and onsen resorts.

Several animal experiences can be found here to thrill the kids, including the Izu Shaboten Zoo and Fuji Safari Park. For a serene outdoor experience with good food, Lake Hamama provides cycling, a marina and oyster houses. Hamamatsu Castle offers a historic castle containing a museum with panoramic city views. For spectacular photo ops, visit the Jogasaki Coast with its lighthouse and bridge.

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  • Shizuoka Travel Guide

    Shizuoka lies on the eastern coast of Japan and is known for its proximity to the famous Mt Fuji. Being so close to the sea, you can also get some great fresh seafood here, or visit one of the various beaches. The best time to visit Shizuoka depends on what you want to do. Mt Fuji is only open to hikers...


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  • 5 Best Restaurants in Shizuoka

    The best restaurants in Shizuoka range from delicious seafood to traditional noodles, and trying the local food is a great way to get closer to the culture. While many locals will rave about their juicy Salisbury steaks, others might point you towards the fish restaurants by the sea. Each restaurant has its own speciality dishes and unique atmosphere. We’ve brought together...


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