Kamakura is a Japanese city south of Tokyo that sits on the sea and offers an intriguing blend of historic sites and ultramodern resort town amenities. Here visitors will find dozens of Zen Buddhist temples and shrines dedicated to Shinto deities. Among the most famed landmarks here is the Great Buddha, a gigantic bronze statue that rises 13 metres into the air and is hundreds of years old, even withstanding a tsunami in the 15th century. Surfers love this town for Yuigahama Beach along Sagami Bay, which boasts fantastic pipes. Other popular beaches include Zushi Beach and Inamuragasaki Park.

Among the most popular temples in the region are Tsurugaoka Hachimangū, a Shinto shrine dating to the 19th century; Hasedera, a Buddhist temple complex dating to the 8th century; and the historic 13th-century Zen Buddhist Engakuji Temple. You’ll find serenity in the outdoors at Genjiyama Park, Kamakura Central Park and the Ten-en Hiking Course. For even more culture, visit the Yoh Shomei Art Museum.

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  • Kamakura Travel Guide

    This Kamakura travel guide presents the highlights of Japan’s first feudal capital, which is famous for its monuments, temples, and shrines. This vast collection of stately ancient sites led to its moniker as the “Kyoto of Eastern Japan”. And with a convenient location an hour south of Tokyo, it’s an enticing alternative for those who can’t make it to Kyoto...


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  • 5 Best Restaurants in Kamakura

    The best restaurants in Kamakura showcase fine dining in a medley of wagyu beef and hand-caught shrimp, as well as hearty street food like cabbage and egg pancakes. People venture to Kamakura from Tokyo to lose themselves in one of the most historic corners of the country, and there are plenty of places to accommodate their appetites. Once the de facto...


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