The seaside resort town of Blackpool has been popular with travellers for centuries, thanks to its pristine beaches and the many attractions in town. While there's certainly a lot for people to enjoy, one of the most appealing aspects of this town is its restaurant scene. Not only will you find the best of English cuisine in town, but there are international options as well, so everyone can find something delicious to their liking. Here are some of the best places locals love to eat in Blackpool

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    Las Iguanas

    Get spicy with Latin American cuisine

    Las Iguanas
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    If you're looking to get away from traditional English fare, Las Iguanas may be your best option. With a focus on Latin American cuisine, this restaurant is perfect for adding a bit of spice to your dining experience. Located on the Promenade seafront, this restaurant is close to some of Blackpool's most popular attractions. 

    The menu options are quite diverse, yet each item clearly offers a bit of Latin American flair. Vegan options and gluten-free dishes are available in abundance, so you don't have to let dietary restrictions get in the way of your meal. Additionally, this establishment offers popular cocktails that make visiting the beach just steps away much more enjoyable.

    ที่ตั้ง: 66-74 Promenade, Blackpool FY1 1HB, UK

    เปิด: Daily from 12 pm to 6 pm

    โทร: +44 (0)1253 299350


    ภาพโดย Elliott Brown (CC BY 2.0) เวอร์ชั่นแก้ไข

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    The Gallery at G Casino

    Sample a diverse menu

    The Gallery at G Casino
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    The Gallery at G Casino isn't one of the more well-known spots around Blackpool, but it is one of the best. This restaurant has a massive kitchen that's capable of producing a wide variety of dishes from its incredibly diverse menu. You'll find surf and turf, burgers, small bites, and so much more. 

    The decor is notably stylish, even though the restaurant itself is laidback. You'll find floor-to-ceiling glass windows and scenic views over the local casino. Even the roof is shining with opulence thanks to the 400 LED lights that make up the spectacular feature.

    ที่ตั้ง: The Sandcastle, Promenade, Blackpool FY4 1BB, UK

    โทร: +44 (0)1253 341222


    ภาพโดย Steve Daniels (CC BY-SA 2.0) เวอร์ชั่นแก้ไข

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    Halfway House

    Enjoy beer and pub food

    Halfway House
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    The Halfway House is one of the oldest pubs in all of Blackpool, dating back to the mid-19th century. It's a historic listed building that has been completely renovated to preserve its historical charm while offering modern amenities. The restaurant has a massive dining area and plenty of delicious food on offer, including delicious stone-baked pizzas. 

    Craft beers are the stars of the show, however, as this pub features a massive 3-sided central bar. You'll find 8 cask hand pumps available in addition to 20 keg lines around the bar area. Premium spirits are on offer as well, though you'll find tamer drinks like teas and coffees as well.

    ที่ตั้ง: St Anne's Road, Blackpool FY4 2QL, UK

    เปิด: Sunday from 12 pm to 11 pm, Monday–Thursday from 11 am to 11 pm, Friday–Saturday from 11 am to midnight

    โทร: +44 (0)1253 370940


    ภาพโดย David Long (CC BY-SA 2.0) เวอร์ชั่นแก้ไข

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    The Sea

    Try traditional fish and chips

    The Sea
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    The Sea is among the best places to get fish and chips in Blackpool. And yes, that's the name of a restaurant – we're not recommending you try catching your own fish right out of the Irish Sea. The Sea was the first fish and chips shop in town to receive an award from the National Federation of Fish Friers. Feel free to put their reputation to the test, as you'll find delicious offerings inside that are all locally sourced. 

    The fish are all caught in the seas of the North Atlantic and cooked fresh to order. In terms of the potatoes, the restaurant gets shipments daily to maximise freshness. While that's enough for quality fish and chips, their secret lies in the special batter they use, but they're not too keen on telling what the secret ingredient is.

    ที่ตั้ง: 77 Church Street, Blackpool FY1 1HJ, UK

    เปิด: Sunday–Friday from 11 am to 8 pm, Saturday from 11 am to 9 pm, Sunday from 11 am to 8.30 pm

    โทร: +44 (0)1253 292999

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    Blackpool Fish Factory

    Try authentic British food

    Blackpool Fish Factory
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    Blackpool Fish Factory serves traditional British food, with a focus on authenticity and quality in every dish. Located in the Golden Mile, it's one of the most accessible restaurants in the city when you're venturing through the most popular attractions, so fresh fish and chips is never too far away. 

    In fact, this restaurant is one of the few fish and chips establishments in town to not use frozen fish. Additionally, potatoes used for the chips are freshly sourced and chipped to create a traditional taste that's among the best in Blackpool.

    ที่ตั้ง: 67-71 Promenade, Blackpool FY1 5AA, UK

    เปิด: Daily from 9 am to 10 pm

    โทร: +44 (0)1253 932893

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    Stefani's Pizzeria

    Bring the family for wood-fired pizza

    Stefani's Pizzeria
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    Stefani's Pizzeria is a tiny restaurant tucked away around Cedar Square, yet its delicious offerings can have a massive impact. The owner, Nico, spent time travelling to Napoli to learn the secrets of what makes a proper pizza directly from the homeland. 

    After returning and honing his craft, Stefani's Pizzeria was opened and began offering some of the best pizza in Blackpool. Many of the ingredients come directly from Napoli, while fresh produce is locally sourced around Blackpool.

    ที่ตั้ง: 3 Cedar Square, Blackpool FY1 1BP, UK

    เปิด: Tuesday–Sunday from 12 pm to 9 pm (closed on Mondays)

    โทร: +44 (0)1253 297185

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    The Buccaneer

    Dine with the whole family

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    The Buccaneer is a pirate-themed restaurant that's suitable for the whole family. Just walking up to the restaurant's exterior, you'll see this theme shining through, as it's modelled after a pirate galleon. The food is traditional British fare cooked to perfection and served in generous portions that will leave you full and satisfied. You'll find vegetarian options available as well. 

    Given its pirate theme, it's only natural that plenty of drinks are on offer as well, as the pub section features craft brews and cocktails that fit in with the pirate motif. Eating with the kids is easy, too, as every kid under 10 can eat for free for each adult meal ordered.

    ที่ตั้ง: Bonny Street, Blackpool FY1 5DW, UK

    โทร: +44 (0)1253 922182

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    Water's Edge

    Sample pub classics

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    At Water's Edge, you'll find a family-friendly restaurant and pub experience that's one of the local favourites. Not only will you find a warm and welcoming dining area inside, but there's an outdoor area where you can enjoy a meal or a pint surrounded by sunshine. 

    Typical British pub fare is available here, but they specialise in making cakes and ice cream from scratch, so make sure you save room for dessert. Being a pub, you'll also find a vast array of drinks here, including lagers, draught beers and even cocktails with a focus on gin and rum. Various teas and coffees are on the menu as well.

    ที่ตั้ง: 56 Heyhouses Lane, Lytham Saint Annes FY8 3RW, UK

    เปิด: Daily from 9 am to 11 pm

    โทร: +44 (0)1253 728294

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    The Bank Bar & Grill

    Enjoy locally sourced foods

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    The Bank Bar & Grill is one of the newest additions to the Blackpool restaurant scene, and it's certainly a welcome one. With everything from brunch to evening dining available, it's easy to see why this restaurant's popularity has skyrocketed so quickly. Inside, you'll find modern decor and plenty of seating perfect for families and couples alike. 

    While The Bank Bar & Grill may look fancy and refined, the atmosphere is notably relaxed, so you can take it easy and enjoy a casual dining experience. All the food is locally sourced and sustainable. There are several options for those with dietary restrictions and allergen intolerances.

    ที่ตั้ง: 28 Corporation Street, Blackpool FY1 1EJ, UK

    เปิด: Sunday–Thursday from 12 pm to 10 pm, Friday from 12 pm to 10.30 pm, Saturday from 11 am to 10.30 pm

    โทร: +44 (0)1253 751555

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    Savor bistro cuisine and gourmet coffee

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    HIVE is the most popular destination for those looking for gourmet coffee in Blackpool. Their superb brews embody artisan quality thanks to their own special blend of Arabica beans, which are sourced from El Salvador, India and Brazil. These special beans create a rich taste that makes that much-needed morning or afternoon boost positively delicious. 

    You'll also find numerous freshly made cakes and desserts in addition to sandwiches that are all crafted from local ingredients. Local, ethical and sustainable are their primary concerns when sourcing ingredients for every item on their menu.

    ที่ตั้ง: 80-82 Church Street, Blackpool FY1 1HP, UK

    เปิด: Daily from 9 am to 5 pm

    โทร: +44 (0)1253 296686