Fleetwood Beach is a popular summer destination with sun, sand and picturesque views on the northern side of Fleetwood. A mixture of small rocks, shells and sand, Fleetwood Beach is a great spot to bring the dogs on a cool autumn day, catch some fish in the spring or lather on the suntan lotion and soak up the sun in the midst of summer.

Also known as Marine Beach, the beach sits at the outlet of the River Wyre with the Lower Lighthouse and Pharos Lighthouse contributing to the scenic surroundings. Flanking the western edge of the beach is the architecturally appealing Rossall Point Watchtower.

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Fleetwood Beach highlights

Fleetwood Beach is a comfortable beach for sunbathing or enjoying beachfront activities like volleyball or going for a jog. You can also swim here, and lifeguards are present during the summer months. The outer promenade is also a good spot for jogging or walking your dog.

Another great feature of Fleetwood Beach is that there are some sand dunes and grasslands that contribute to the amazing views and allow everyone to be a part of conservation efforts. You will also find a beachfront pond where you can go boating and enjoy the birdlife.

Good to know when visiting Fleetwood Beach

Fleetwood Beach is easy to access whether you plan to drive here or want to use public transport. There are parking lots and parking garages within a few blocks of the beach. You will also find facilities such as public toilets and a cafe in Marine Hall, which is right on the beach.

Unlike most beaches, Fleetwood Beach allows you to rent beach wheelchairs that provide access for people with disabilities to go directly to the beach, rather than just providing a cement sidewalk or distant view. The beach is also considered family-friendly and is kept very tidy.

Fleetwood Beach

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