Bonny Street Market is Blackpool’s largest open-air market and is home to a variety of food, clothing, artisan goods and trinkets. One of visitors' favourite aspects of the Bonny Street Market is how vibrant the atmosphere is, and you never know what unique gift or bargain you might find.

The market is located right off the promenade, which makes it the perfect place to stop by when you are strolling around the rest of Blackpool’s lovely downtown. The market has been an eclectic staple of Blackpool for many years, and part of the charm is to return and explore what’s old and what’s new.

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Bonny Street Market highlights

Bonny Street Market is relatively small, which is a positive feature because you can experience the whole market and still have plenty of time to engage with the rest of the nearby attractions. Many of the shops have toys and games that children love, so families are welcome to come out for a fun time.

If you need some party supplies or novelty T-shirts, this is exactly where you want to be. Another highlight is that many of the vendors have been coming back to set up shop on Bonny Street year after year, so it feels good to support the local businesses.

Good to know when visiting Bonny Street Market

Because the Bonny Street Market is entirely outdoors, it is only open from April to November, though it is still open during inclement weather because the shops are in booths with roofs. The market is easy to spot as it is surrounded by famously colourful caricature walls once you find yourself between the promenade and the large police station in Tier Three.

There are food vendors and facilities in the surrounding area with delicious street food and some Middle Eastern dishes. The Central Car Park is also immediately up the block and allows for convenient parking if you plan to drive.

Bonny Street Market

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