Blackpool Tower, built in 1894, was once the tallest structure in the whole of the British Empire. These days, it's a landmark of Lancashire's favourite resort town. It crowns the Promenade as it rises a whopping 158 metres above the Irish Sea, offering sweeping views of the coast and the city alike.

You can find 5 attractions inside the tower, including Blackpool Tower Eye (Lancashire's highest observation deck), Blackpool Tower Dungeon, and the opulent Tower Ballroom.

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A brief history of Blackpool Tower

Blackpool Tower has stood watch over the Central Promenade of Blackpool since the 1890s. It was officially opened in 1894, after being constructed as a homage to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Then, it was the tallest building in England. It took 2,500 tonnes of iron and more than 5 million bricks to complete.

After a quick stint as an RAF radar post in WWII, Blackpool Tower continued on as a symbol of the resort. It was refurbished in 1992 and subsequently reopened by Princess Diana. Other features were added in the late '90s, including the see-through platform known as the Walk of Faith and the 4-D film that introduces the Tower Eye, the new name for the observation deck up top.

What are the highlights of Blackpool Tower?

It should hardly come as a surprise that the real highlight of the Blackpool Tower is going to the pinnacle. The building hosts one of the most famous viewing platforms in the country. It waits at a cloud-splintering 120 metres overhead, but don't worry, there's a fast lift that can take you there in just over a minute.

Once you get up to those dizzying heights, you'll be free to walk around the 2-storey observation deck known as Tower Eye. Daring folk will head straight for the glass-bottomed Walk of Faith that juts out on the west side of the tower – say hello to vertigo. You can also peer down on the city using a series of magnified looking-glasses out in the blustery outdoor area.

Not all of the draws of Blackpool Tower are high in the skies, though. You can also descend to level 2 to find the grand Tower Ballroom. It's another leftover from the Victorian era, with elaborate and exquisite gold-filigreed interiors that still host regular dances and music performances.

The lower levels are also home to Blackpool Circus, which promises shows of contortionists and escape artists and side-splitting comics for the whole family.  

Blackpool Tower Dungeon takes you through several dark periods of history, offering frightening tales re-enacted up close. Within the dungeon, you'll find yourself walking through 11 different sections – each is eerie in its own right, with themes like a dark chapel, a torturer, a plague doctor, and Pendle witches. You'll even find a drop ride and a saloon as your last 2 stops.

Good to know about Blackpool Tower

Blackpool Tower is easy to reach on the main Promenade of Blackpool resort. It's even got its own stop on the seafront tram line, conveniently called, simply, Tower. Parking is hard to find in the area, but the nearest train station is within a 15-minute walk through the town to the northeast at Blackpool North.

You can buy tickets before you even get to Blackpool Tower over the internet. It's a good idea to consider what you want to see the most, because there are some enticing discounts if you're willing to book access to the Tower Eye observation deck and Blackpool Circus in one go – not to mention other nearby attractions like Madame Tussauds and the spine-tingling Blackpool Tower Dungeon.

Blackpool Tower

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