Roses is a lovely seaside town near the Catalonian border with France that offers family-friendly beaches alongside quaint and inviting villages. At La Punta Beach, you can enjoy 550 metres of shoreline that allows you to enjoy a variety of activities including swimming, fishing and boating, with plenty of kayak and paddle boat rentals available nearby. For more dramatic natural features, Cala Murtra offers a secluded beachfront with dramatic cliffs and vibrant greenery.

Travellers interested in history can explore the iconic megalithic complex of Roses. This historical structure dates back to 3000 BCE and is one of the most notable of its kind on the Costa Brava. La Ciutadella, the fortress of Roses, is fascinating as well, with some parts of the site dating back to the 4th century BCE, though it found most of its use as a trading centre for Romans, Greeks and Visigoths.

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    Roses is a seaside town on the Costa Brava, near the Spanish-French border of Catalonia. Secluded coves and family-friendly beaches skirt the coastline, where the rugged mountains of the Pyrenees meet the Mediterranean Sea. Quaint villages and monumental remains linger as a reminder of the importance of previous communities on the Roses coast.   You can take a dip in azure...


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