Fuerteventura is a fun island in the Canaries with some of the greatest and biggest beaches in the region, complemented by warm sunshine and golden dunes. The local beaches are virtually untouched by developments, and the turquoise waters are beautiful and inviting. Corralejo is particularly popular thanks to its soft sands and laid-back environment that maintains the natural splendour local beaches are known for.

Take a break from the beaches and explore the enticing nightlife and attractions of the towns on Fuerteventura. One of the most popular towns is Morro Jable, known for the Fobos sculpture, a seaside art piece showcasing creative design and unique construction.  Of course, travellers can also dive into local history by visiting ruins like Caleta de Fuste. These played a major role in local maritime history dating back to the 18th century when it was built as a defence power.

ทำอะไรที่ไหนดีใน Fuerteventura


พักที่ไหนดีใน Fuerteventura

ย่านน่าสนใจใน Fuerteventura


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