Liverpool revels in its reputation as one of England's friendliest and most photogenic cities. Its jaw-dropping, Gothic Revival-style cathedral is one of the world's largest churches, while its UNESCO-listed waterfront is a shimmering source of local pride, and home to an eclectic array of museums, cafes and restaurants.

Liverpool certainly knows how to party, with pulsing superclubs, cosy pubs and a warmly welcoming LGBT quarter all clamouring for your custom once the sun goes down. As you might expect, there's also a thriving live music scene, with plucky up-and-comers determined to follow in the footsteps of local legends like The Beatles.

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Things to do in Liverpool include visiting museums, bars, parks, restaurants, clubs and iconic mercantile buildings and exploring the maritime history and unique culture of the home of the Beatles. In the stunning art galleries, you'll find sculptures and paintings that date back more than 6 centuries by such renowned artists as Rembrandt and Gainsborough. You can visit a real German U-Boat from World War II, take a ferry ride...


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Food and dining in Liverpool offers a whole world of food and drink with global, multicultural influences at cafes, bars and pubs, and upscale eateries with outdoor dining. You'll find everything from gin bars and vegan-friendly establishments to unusual sandwich and burger shops and basic street food.  Ethnic cuisine is also on offer here. You can head for Chinatown for fantastic Chinese food, explore Italian bistros and check out lots of...


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Liverpudlians, as they call themselves, love to be trendsetters, and shopping in Liverpool offers gleaming multilevel shopping centres, boutique upscale arcades, outdoor farmers' markets and bohemian arts and craft shops. If you're a fashion aficionado, you can find designer outlets, beauty destinations, upscale men's clothing stores and all the high-end clothiers you can ever want. Take a walk along Lord Street, a canopied Victorian boulevard that boasts scenic gardens and is...


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Nightlife in Liverpool includes a thriving scene where you can hit a traditional pub for a pint or head to a trendy club with a hip crowd and pounding beats. You can relax in a refined gin bar or have a good drink with your burger for that late-night snack. The city values its diversity, and the vibrant gay quarter offers some of the best chic dance clubs around. You can...



The city makes it easy to get information about Liverpool anywhere you go, thanks to a wide network of Tourist Information Centres across town providing everything you need to know. These centres are staffed by expert, multilingual team members who can give you all the info on everything that's going on. Liverpool offers easy access to just about everything by train, bus, ferry, taxi, car hire and other forms of transport....


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