Koh Chang is among the largest islands in the Gulf of Thailand, famed for its dense jungles, hiking trails, natural wonders, quaint coastal villages and beaches. The Mu Ko Chang National Park offers miles upon miles of hiking trails. Here, you can see such astonishing sights as the roaring, tiered Klong Plu waterfall where you can swim in the lagoon at the fall’s base. Just offshore, snorkellers and scuba divers can explore living coral reefs. Along the coast, you can explore the local beachfront culture with stunning shorelines and villages, such as the pier-built Bang Bao. 

For nightlife, partiers head for Lonely Beach, or Hat Tha Nam, where the waterfront party scene never seems to end. Other beaches here include Klong Prao Beach with its scenic ocean views, outstanding foodie scene and lodging areas. White Sand Beach has soft sand, brilliant, clear teal waters and plenty of hotels for your holiday. The Night Food Market is a vibrant local cultural institution, while the Tree Top Adventure Park offers a Tarzan swing, tightropes and ziplines to thrill kids and adults alike.

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Things to do in Koh Chang involve hiking in national parks, visiting beaches and quaint villages along the scenic coast, enjoying a waterfront party scene, and exploring night markets and walkable piers. To capture spectacular sunrise, sunset and ocean views, you can visit spots like the Cape Chai Chet viewpoint or the KaiBae viewpoint. Ko Kham island offers the ruins of an unfinished luxury resort for an unusual site. Tons...


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Koh Chang food and dining showcase the multicultural aspects of this city, from Thai delicacies to ethnic cuisines from all over the world in sit-down and takeaway eateries. At Ciao Koh Chang, you can enjoy Italian delicacies with a creative and imaginative twist. Q Eather Koh Chang on Lonely Beach is loaded with atmosphere, a down-home vibe and western fusion food. For Mexican food, Barrio Bonito can be found on...


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    You'll find the best places to go shopping in Koh Chang not far from the island’s coast. That makes sense since compared to other locations in Thailand, this jungle paradise is better known for its extensive beaches, rugged landscape, and lively nightlife than its shops and markets. However, since nobody likes to return from a holiday empty-handed, there are a few...


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    Our Koh Chang Travel Essentials guide includes details that'll allow you to make the most out of your holiday trip to this Eastern Island in the Trat Province. This guide contains helpful information about the climate, currency, emergency phone numbers, electricity, plug styles and more. Additionally, you'll discover the best ways to get to the island and how to efficiently...


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