Blekinge is a popular destination for travellers all year, though the spring is particularly alluring. The beech forest and fields bloom in vibrant yellow and green hues, but picturesque spots like Laxaleden Trail offer adventure no matter the season. The woods and lakes are perfect for hiking and boating, and travellers often take the time to go for a swim in the clean and calm lake. Of course, travellers can explore the southern coast as well, putting you near the Baltic Sea.

Visiting Blekinge is easy since all the major attractions are fairly close together. When you visit a local city in the region, the next city on your schedule to check out could be just a short half-hour drive away. Like many places in Sweden, the food here is downright delicious, but the seafood options are especially memorable thanks to the abundance of fresh ingredients caught daily right off the coast.

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  • 10 Best Things to Do This Summer in Blekinge

    This guide delves into the best things to do this summer in Blekinge. It might be small – it's the second-smallest province in Sweden – but it sure does pack a punch. That's especially true when the Baltic snows melt away and the warmer months get into full flow. That's when the 1,000+ islands of the Blekinge Archipelago burst to...


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